Cara Van Epps Medical Massage ~  Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist - Looking for Relief from your Pain?... I can Help!
If you're in pain....Medical Massage Treatment
 is a proven treatment for
reducing pain and stiffness.

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Cara Van Epps is a Certified Medical Massage Therapist who has received training from Erik Dalton's Freedom from Pain Institute in Oklahoma and is an Alumni of Career Training Solutions in Fredericksburg, VA in Massage Therapy. She has attended numerous classes relating to Massage Therapy over her fourteen year career and is a licensed Massage Therapist by the Virginia Board of Nursing.

What is Medical Massage Therapy

Medical Massage is treatment to resolve issues that have been diagnosed and prescribed by a Physician. A therapist will use a variety of procedures to treat the area of the body related to the prescription.  Medical  Massage, when prescribed by a Physician can be covered by some insurances.  

It is important to Cara that she take the time with each patient to evaluate and explain symptoms relating to neuromuscular problems and the required treatment. She offers treatment for the elimination of tension in fascia and muscles through trigger point therapy and neuromuscular manipulation.  Through the use of her experience in deep tissue massage, a patient is sometimes able to feel immediate results, including reduction of pain and release of nerve impingement.


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